Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And it goes to...

I shall not keep you all waiting any longer for the results. I am equally, if not more anxious to know who is the lucky winner of my 1st giveaway.  :)

But before that, aren't you curious what the present is? Let me reveal the surprise present: A pretty silicon mould that you can use to make cakes, jelly, chocolate and many more!!! :)

A total of 16 participants. Since it is a manageable size, I chose to draw lots manually than to use an online random generator. I could have done it earlier, if not for waiting my camera battery to be charged, to capture the process.

Now I am ready to pick the lucky winner.

And the present goes to...

Congratulations to Esther (neyeeloh). Please contact me via email (that is available in my profile) to collect your present!

I hope all of you have fun participating in this giveaway! :)