Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let's have a little fun!

As the title suggests, let's have a little fun! :) I am going to give a surprise present to one lucky reader. ^-^

At this point in time, I will not reveal what the present is, but rest assured it will be related to baking / cooking. It is my little way of showing appreciation to you who have been so supportive all these while. :)

This giveaway is open to anyone from anywhere. To enter, leave your comment below in the following format:
- Your nickname and where are you from?
- Your blog / Your email
- Anything you want to say. :)

All entries are due by 30th September 2011, 10 pm (Singapore time). The lucky winner will be announced within a week.

Good luck and have fun! I look forward to your participation. :)

Update on 30 Sept 2011: Thanks for all your participation! This giveaway is now closed. :)