Monday, January 10, 2011

Blogger Meetup

Thanks to Jess for initiating and organising this meetup session. I met her and Cathy yesterday at J8. It was an enjoyable afternoon chatting with these two sweet and friendly ladies. I look forward to meeting you ladies again. :)

Many, many thanks to your lovely home-baked gifts. :)

Grand Marnier Vanilla Bean Sugi Cookies from Jess. Ooh, I simply love these addictive melt-in-the-mouth cookies. I am blessed to be able to taste Jess's wonderful creation, something so yummy that you will never find it elsewhere. :)

Banana Cake from Jess. Besides the cookies, Jess also baked a Banana Cake for us, a moist cake with a rich banana flavour. :)

Peanut Butter Cookies from Cathy. I am a peanut butter lover and this is the first time that I sample peanut butter in bakes, other than spreading on the bread which I usually do. I must say they are fabulously great! The peanut butter taste in the cookies is just right for me and I love the addition of the crunchy peanut bits in the cookies. :)