Thursday, October 14, 2010

Carrot Cake

This Carrot Cake has a great mix of healthy ingredients: dried fruits, nuts and vegetables! 

To speak the truth, I am never a fan of most dried fruits which include raisins, cranberries and mangoes, but I love their fresh counterparts. Whenever I eat buns or cakes with dried raisins from the bakeries, I will carefully remove the raisins or eat with a disdainful look and wash them down my throat with a mouthful of water. The same fate applies to other dried fruits (berries included). 

However, after seeing so many bloggers baking with cranberries, I decided to give cranberries a second chance, Perhaps because I am starting to appreciate the different types of food in my daily diet or maybe because it is homebaked, I thoroughly enjoyed the presence of cranberries in the cake. As for the carrots, even though I can see them all over the cake, I could hardly taste them. Oh yeah, the nutty diced almonds certainly added a special touch to this Carrot Cake.  

I omitted the cream cheese frosting as it seems a bit too sweet to my liking. Hmm, is this how a carrot cake should taste like? :)