Saturday, September 18, 2010

Snowskin Mooncakes

I must confess, I have never dreamt of making my own mooncakes before. After all, there are so many choices (yes, we are spoilt for choices) available for the consumers during the Mid-Autumn festival period. So, what makes this year different that I decide to make my own mooncakes?

Well, before the arrival of 8th lunar month, many bloggers have started on their mooncake making. I was completed captivated by their lovely photos and this sparked my interest!

Personally, I prefer snowskin mooncakes than the traditional baked ones. It is really easy to make snowskin mooncakes. The ingredients are mainly koh fun (cooked glutinous flour), icing sugar, shortening, cold water, colouring / essence and fillings of your choice.

My first attempt was durian snowskin mooncakes with store-bought filling paste. It received positive and encouraging responses from my family. I continued to explore with dual-coloured mooncake skin with other fillings. :)

The mid-autumn festival is just round the corner. Waste no time and have a try on making your own snowskin mooncakes too! :)