Monday, March 26, 2012

Baking Together

I had a great time with Cathy last last Friday. I guess most of you would have already seen the photos of our bakes. :)

Matcha Swiss Roll with Red Beans
I finally get to join the swiss roll craze made popular by Junko's 彩繪蛋糕卷, thanks to the guidance from Cathy. Look at the beautiful swiss roll that we have made. Trust me, it not only looks pretty, it tastes fabulous too! You have my word on it. :)

Steamed Dual-Coloured Buns
Mantous (Chinese steamed buns) are normally shaped in round spiral. Due to my inconsistencies, these mantous have been transformed to triangular instead, which remind me of onigiri (a Japanese rice ball which are normally formed into triangular shapes). Soft and fluffy, they go well with a cupof green tea too! A new food fusion perhaps? :)

Please refer to Cathy's Joy for the recipes of the Matcha Swiss Roll with Red Beans and Steamed Dual-Coloured Buns. :)